Green Textiles

We want to have the lowest carbon footprint possible, so when we make our choices around design and manufacturing we want them to be efficient. We use textiles such as merino wool from New Zealand and organic cotton sourced from Africa. We have carved out a niche for our brand over the years, although some competition exists in the sustainable clothing market – namely from Untouched World. There are a few of us in this space but I don’t see them as competitors – I see them as collaborators.” says Auckland based Conscious Cloth`s Miranda Brown.

Chief Executive of Textiles NZ, Elizabeth Tennet believes companies need branding that tells the New Zealand story, and to collaborate to win niche opportunities.

Brand New Zealand`s own review states

The most effective way to build a national brand is to identify opportunities – real businesses, events, trade activities – which exemplify the brand, and develop communications strategies and events to promote them to the appropriate target audiences. In this way the brand immediately has credibility. For example, The Lord of the Rings has been used in this way to promote New Zealand’s capability in screen production. This approach is much more effective than advertising, which is often cynically received…The total impact of the brand strategy arises through conveying the same brand messages to a number of audiences; and in so doing, creating a generic impression of New Zealand which transcends specific businesses, industries etc.

Conscious Cloth could be a piece of the Green Brand New Zealand strategy, which is A strategy to boost New Zealand’s earnings through global leadership in environmentally friendly consumer consciousness.